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ameratsu said:
alfredofroylan said:

Remember the inFamous "Ham Sandwich" table that Sony gave some months ago? Well is back in the Sony response to the NPD numbers.

Interoperability with PSP not available on Xbox 360 or Wii??? Wow .... Sony's PR at its best I guess.


I saw this on NeoGAF. I thought it was pretty damn funny.

How the hell can they create something that's so funny and yet so sad at that same time...  I wanted to laugh AND cry while reading that whole thing.


lol @ Superfrogs and Psychotext comments on the link:


                                           PS3    360     Wii

Interoperability with PSP: YES — N/A — N/A
Plays PS3 games:               YES — N/A — N/A
Sony-branded:                   YES — N/A — N/A
PlayStation-branded:          YES — N/A — N/A
Plays PS2 games:               N/A — N/A — N/A