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alfredofroylan said:
Soriku said:
Wonder what Nintendo will do now. Wait for more SW, or...?

Well they had MH 3 in Japan, but WSR did nothing here in America. I guess some people in Nintendo are starting to press for a price cut (or a new offer this holiday)

It's too early to say that, Iwata said himself it takes 6-8 weeks for evergreen titles to start moving consoles.  People that are buying it first week are gonna be mostly wii owners, the question is can wii sports resort get word of mouth like other wii games in the past.  First the wii owners buy it then the hope is that the more casual family and friends of these people begin to like the game, this is what happened with Wii Sports.  The main problem I see with WSR is that not all the games are as simple as Wii Sports.  Calibration is gonna be a tough concept for casuals to grasp. 

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