selnor said:
scat398 said:
The original article is actually incorrect and posted net revenue. The real numbers after GAAP gains and losses is as follows

Wii 184
X360 136
PS3 99

This seems to get reported incorrectly every time buy a few sites. Basically in the consoles Wii sells the most followed by 360 followed by PS3. It would be helpful if the original poster would check the financial report before posting bad earnings.

This is what I noticed. Clearly the report shows that EA made more money from the 360 games than PS3 games.

What's interesting to is that almost all PS3 EA games on release retail at £59.99 in UK, while 360 games retailed at £49.99. You can always expect exactly the same game on PS3 to retail for more here in the UK on PS3.

God knows what part of the uk you come from but here in the west-midlands that is not the case

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