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daroamer said:
stika said:
JGarret said:
The 360 has been impressing me...already in its 4th year and it´s the only system up YoY.

the 360's on it's third year, it's fourth year won't start until November

Nov 2005 - Nov 2006 - Year 1

Nov 2006 - Nov 2007 - Year 2

Nov 2007 - Nov 2008 - Year 3

Nov 2008 - Nov 2009 - Year 4

Xbox 360 is in it's 4th year.


2008: it's the third year of the 360, and the third year is always the best. In 2009 the 360 will sink and the salmon king (I mean, the ps3) will reclaim the throne.

2009: it's the third year of the 360, again! 2010 will be worse, or so we hope.

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