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You do have a point, since for most people, that's the usual way to play, so that would be a fairer comparison ground.
Personally, I just can't stop playing a game until i've found out 100& about it, so to me, the entire experience is like a first playthrough ;)

Edit - @dtweti -  You shouldn't call other people Inept, just because they take longer to finish a game than you do. I took 70 hours to finish KH2 with a full Jiminy's Cricket Stamps Diary, all enemies met, all items synthetized, all my characters at level 99, all forms in level 7, all summons at level 7, all the cups, Hades Paradox Cup beat in less than 20 minutes, all enemies met and all minigames completed. So before you go and call other people that, you should probably look a bit more into the reasons behind of their times.

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