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Kantor said:

A few corrections I'd like to make. Only Campaign, of course, as the rest is too variable.

God of War - Average: 9 hours

God of War II - Average: 11 hours

Shadow of the Colossus  - Average: 12 hours (maybe I'm just slow lol)

Assassin's Creed - Average: 11 hours

Resistance 2 - 7 hours

God of War: Chains of Olympus - 7 hours

And some others:

Metal Gear Solid 4: With every cutscene: 25 hours, with no cutscenes, 15 hours.

BioShock: 12 hours (or so)

Tools of Destruction: 10 hours

Most games are around 10-12 hours, for me.

I beat MGS 4 in 14 hours watching all cutscenes. So actual gameplay is about 8-10 hours + cutscenes 4-6 hours.

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