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It's the maximum amount of time by doing everything that's possible to be done in those games, at the first try. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to games that I like, I don't go to the very end if I don't have a 100% of the game xD

FF X is one of those examples, I didn't stop until I had 255 stats, 64000 max HP, 1200 max MP, all Dark aeons, Penance and Nemesis defeated, more than 120 blitzball matches won, will all my players at level 99, all the shots learned, all overdrives learned too, all the Celestial weapons powered up, so that accounted for 250+ hours of gaming, since the main history, until after the Jecht Final Aeon battle was only 60 hours or so.

Edit - Oblivion could be easily done with in less than 40 hours actually, but I didn't get to the main quest until I had all dungeons, caves and ruins explored, and all other side-quests done, all guild quests done, and even then, during the main quest, I went and closed the most number of Oblivion gates as possible

Current PC Build

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