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ssj12 said:
carlos710 said:
ssj12 said:
I'm seriously starting to hate this site..half of you dont even understand how technology works. You probably don't even know a 4 terabyte HDD is going to be released soon. Morons.

Keep the personal attacks, you willl be a great moderator.

dude seriouly very few of you execpt half the mods use/have common logic. Things change in a piece of equipment and the FCC needs a report on it so it can be released. You dont see 100000 topics on how Intel and AMD are releasing a new version of their processor so you? If Nintendo released a $400 version of the Wii right now that could play VH DVD, and had a 300GB Hard-drive everyone here would be saying its a great decision yet Sony is trying to get the PS3 to be affordable to the masses everyone thinks they are the biggest jack a** ever. Let me tell you Nintendo isn't god and Bill Gates isn't your mother so stop acting like the consoles are the greatest thing since sliced bread and realize that they are pieces of hardware that will and can easily be outdated.

Well, you're right about one thing...