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If this is a 299 ps3 stripped of almost everything id get it.

I dont have an hd tv nor do i ever plan on buying the eye of judgement, though that thing looks awesome so i have no need of usb ports.

I dont even know what the card reader does, call me misinformed.

I really think people r over reacting about this no backwards compatabily, did everyone suddenly get rid of their ps2's? What big game on the horizon is coming out for the ps2 that BC is a must have? Does the 360 core have backwards compatability?

If sony did this i think they could really reclaim some lost ground. I t may not be a popular sku on the internert or this board but for anyone that just wants a ps3 for the games its a must buy.

In all honesty tho i think its an 80 gig with no bc.


Let me tell you Nintendo isn't god -preach it brother.