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Mars said:
your mother said:

Here comes another one

Here it comes again

Here comes another one

When will it end?

When will fanboys foolish stop whining about it ?

Does it play PS3 games - YES
Deos it play the games the same way other PS3 do - YES
So SKU differences dont affect PS3 games - YES


WTF is the problem then ?

Alright, you are obviously what, Generalissimo of the Sony Defense Force?

Did I even mention there is a problem? Is what I stated even wrong or false? How many SKUs do they plan to release? Isn't there "another one (read: SKU) coming"?

Do you even have a clue where those four lines of text originate from? (Answer: Of course not)

WTF is your problem then? SDF going to promote you to Joint Commander or something for defending your floundering console?