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axumblade said:
trashleg said:
axumblade said:
trashleg said:
i'm moving out soon so no moneys for games, and no time for games, GAH.

but'll have the interwebz still right?

shi-  i didnt even think about that o_0

i think i'll still be at home for a couple of weeks once i've got the flat, so i can continue working for that time.. i'll be sure to get the internet set up so its ready when i do move! yaaaay thanks axum, you've just saved my obsession.. <3

I saved beo.....oh the internets!

LOL you're embarrassing me!



i am so very very tired. talk to you tomorrow!

Highwaystar101 said: trashleg said that if I didn't pay back the money she leant me, she would come round and break my legs... That's why people call her trashleg, because she trashes the legs of the people she loan sharks money to.