dib8rman said:
Huh? Well sure, but at a point you basically comboed me with for 5 hits while I kept mashing Down B to reflect it but I figured it was a combo or the delay prevented my shields release. Looping those arrows was a waste aiming is kind of difficult online.

there is a timing issue to the continous zair attacks and can be avoided, but if off stage is really dangerous do to the fact you could gimp yourself out of a stock.  as far as shielding the zair you can do it with Pit and be very good at doing it if you learn the timing.  Online is by no means the place to perfect it, but if you do it correctly my zair will bounce off of the shield and turn me around.  very effective if done in close range.  but, almost all of my zair attacks are meant to hit with the tip.  after using the z button 10 thousand times you know samus's spacing very well.  she probably would be the worst character in the game if she didn't have zair.  almost anywhere i go to play samus people get upset with me.  unless it's someone who goes to tournies they usually know samus' style