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i started a thread for the when i was working on it months ago on here, but i'm having to use a different account now, so i can't edit the now broken link in my op, so i desided to start over fresh with a new thread. please don't shoot me.


anyway, this thread is for a game that had been working on using the lite version of game maker for about 7 months for my highschool senior project. the 7 motnhs is kinda misleading, because i would really work on it hard for a few days. then lay it aside for several weeks at a finally finished it a few weeks ago, turned it in to my english teacher, and did a presentation on it a couple weeks afterwords.


this is a simple in concept sort of puzzle game called sling ball. the object of the game is simple to get the ball in the hole (sort of like mini-putt golf). the ball is attached to a launcher apparatis. you click on the ball with the mouse and pull the ball back, and then release it to shoot it off into the unknown. the levels have gravity in them, and there are all kinds of things you can use in the levels, such as buttons that change the direction of gravity, fans, blackholes, and wrecking balls! there are 30 levels in the game.


anyway, you can find the game here ( ) the game is about 2.7mb in size, so it shouldn't take long to download, even on dial-up.


i'm interested in seeing what some of you think of the finished project, expecially those of you that play tested one of the older versions of the game.



come try out the computer game i've been working on for my high school senior project, titled sling ball.

you can view a few screenshots from the game in my photo album here;

yes, this is vonboy's alt account. i can't log into my original account, and i'm not sure if i will ever be able to.

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