TruckOSaurus said:
SHMUPGurus said:
TruckOSaurus said:

Jski stop using Ninja Pikachu right now! He's mine and mine only! Take Goggles Pika or Hat Pika!

On a sidenote: Melee Starfox stage sucks so bad.

I hardly visit this thread, but I wanted to come by and say "wat" on the bolded part.


Low ceiling and you always end up fighting on the right end part which is so small. Especially when there's 4 players on there. I hate it.

I might just have to agree with you Truck... I used to like it, but it is too small and too easy to get stupid KOs....

On a side note, Last night was fun. Anybody know who MAC is?

@Jug: The reason it is always still awaiting registration is because you are the people who have added you, are not online at the same time. Once you both get online together, they show up. And no, you don't need to add Wii FC to make it work.