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OriGin said:
knowing JL i don't think he means any of those big three...

You know me pretty well OriGin.

It's not a predictable title. In fact it's unforeseen. I don't even know what it is yet. But there will be that ONE title that will finally subdue the Wii doubters and bring them on board.

And no that title is not MGS4 or Final Fantasy XIII though if those somehow DO go to the Wii that will be another avenue of salepower.

What people don't see about Wii that I do is the creation of whole new genres and gamestyles.

Someone's gonna get inside this system and create a fresh gaming experience that will become contagious. Nintendo is going to create new 3rd party powerhouses just like Square & Capcom was made a big player through a Nintendo system once upon a time. Traditional 3rd party is not the answer here. Think left field. And that will be the legacy of 2008. People recreating the wheel on how gameplay is done. New visionaries who were not even a name before will MAKE their name on the Wii platform & become a big player.

Nintendo will get those sales because of the many avenues of buyer bases they will draw from.

Super Mario Galaxy buyers, Wii Health Pack buyers, Wii Music buyers, Super Smash Bros. Brawl buyers, Established 3rd party blockbusters buyers, Unknown new wave game #A buyers, Unknown independent sleeper #B buyers, Surprise graphical tour-de-force buyers, Nintendo loyalists, families, girlfriends, marijuana afficionados, workout aspirers, the trendy, offices, sports bars, retirement homes, day care centers, recreational centers, hardcore hard-won converts, retro returners, console exclusive shipjumpers buyers.

All angles and so many types of people. THAT'S why Nintendo will make that 20 million easily. And they know it too that's why they will have that production strengthening to make sure the product matches up to the demand a little better. Nintendo doesn't know the meaning of the word "lose profits". I know THAT much.

John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot