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I played warioware for about 2 hours and enjoyed it. I played it for another 4 hours in disbeleif that I got ripped out of 50$. Thinking I was missing something.

Yes, your right, there are short games on any console. Any platform.

On the PS3 they cost about 5-7$

And on the PS2 they usually cost around 20$

Why on the Wii do they cost 50$?


Yeah, I dont like game changes on new releases. However due to the N64 problems, those games are on my -do not buy- list. Also, 10$ feels kinda steep for a 10 year old game.

There just really arent many games that intrest me comming out tho. I hate to say it but I have bought 3 things off the PSN and gonna buy a 4th next week, and possibly buy 1 or 2 more in the near future as well.

I only have 2 games from the Virtual Console. And we are looking at a 3rd one to possibly buy, but the fact you have to buy the stupid Wii-card, that means I'm gonna have 17$ sitting on nintendo... with nothing coming that intrests me besides Act Raiser coming this summer.

I am looking at 2 things in the next month from PSN, and if I add Mortal Kombat that will be 3. It's just, that the games I buy from the PSN, are real games. New, creative. What the Wii is. I just dont pay NEAR as much as a full budget Wii game. 

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