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Nice. I like MK2 better. The price of vc games is a little high I have always felt. I will probably only ever buy NES and SNES games and I think they should be priced at $3 and $6. But, hey I still have purchased 3 titles and will buy 3 or 4 more in the next couple of days.

 As for Kwaad's value rating. Zelda:TP, I got off of ebay for $40. I have spent 54 hours so far playing. Still have probably 2-4 hours or so left I think. I am about to go back to the castle and fight Gannondorf. That's less than a dollar an hour.

There are just as many easily beatable games on PS machines as their are on Nintendo. Cmon. Short games like Wario Ware are not intended to be one time play epic games like Zelda. They are intended to be games you play 1000 times over. Thus, getting you the hour per dollar you like. I love how you always add online play to games like motorstorm but leave out the continuous playability of party games like wario ware or wii sports.