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your mother said:


Ouch... what kind of horsepower will be required to run THAT monster?


(BTW, 1080p is here to stay, I know, I know... but you gotta admit that in 2-3 years 1080p isn't going to look so impressive if games are being cranked out at these insane resolutions...)


Nothing to admit really. All this talk of numbers is pure nonsense.

2560x1600 won't look any better if your TV is unable to reproduce it,and that include not being big enough to see a difference.

TV at or under 40" can't even display these natively, and bandwidth is an issue for broadcast already.

Cables quality are a problem too to reproduce 1080p, so I wouldn't say 1080p is last-gen.

Compression is a problem too. 

I know it was sarcasm, but still ...