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staticneuron said:
DKII said:

The 20 GB still exists in Japan probably because Sony needs to maintain the idea of having the lower price point, since the 360 is a non-factor there. In NA/EU, 360 acts almost like a price bridge from Wii to PS3, but in Japan it's a direct comparison since you pretty much see only Wii or PS3.


If the 360 is a non-factor there.... how does that logic make sense? There  is still a very large jump between the Wii and the PS3.


Maybe I didn't word it well.  But look at it this way.  In US, you see on the shelves:

PS2 ($129), Wii ($249), 360 Core ($299), 360 Premium ($399), PS3 20GB ($499), PS3 60GB ($599).

So removing the PS3 20GB won't make the PS3 60GB look too bad next to its closest price competitor at $399.  Even more so once the Elite comes in at $479.

But in Japan, with the 360 basically a non-factor, all you see on the shelf is:

PS2 ($129), Wii ($249), PS3 20GB ($499), PS3 60GB ($599).

Now those aren't the actual prices - in reality Sony already lowered the price in Japan before launch because it realized it had to compete directly with the Wii's price instead of just being compared next to the 360.  And a $499 sitting next to a $249 is bad enough for business, but getting rid of that would leave it as $599 compared to a $249.  Most casual shoppers won't even bother looking any further than that.