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I think they are getting rid of the 20 GB model because very soon it will be outdated by having not enough Memory to utlize the PS3 with downloaded "full HD" whole games.releasing in less than 4-6 months you would feal ripped off if you just purchase a machine and had to upgrade rightaway.Is microsoft still keeping the "core" manufactured,to me that wouldn't make sense if there is going to be a need for 120GB hard drive why would people still by the core or even the 20GB hard drive?I think sony is about to cut price on the 60GB PS3 very soon probly to the 499 level that the 20GB was at.I don't think sony will put out another "version"of the PS3 though the PS3 hard drive is easy to replace with a 120GB hard Drive and Alot cheaper than upgrading the 360.What is the Price for the 360Elite?its probly hovering around $450 right?So if Sony doesn't bring the price down they would be still 150 higher than the best 360(a bit too big of a gap) but if they drop $100 it will be around a $50 gap(not bad at all I would much rather have a $499 PS3 over a $449 360) that would be alot to offer for 50 bucks..I still think both the 360 and PS3 are a bit overpriced and close on quality except for the the Bluray format for games will be a big plus soon.The only real difference is how the 2 get the money.Sony blasts you once for the $599 while microsoft Nickles and dime you...$399 system ...$50/year Live...$99 WiFi....$199 HD-player(if you bought this ..sorry)....$20 plug and play...$179 Hard drive upgrade.I understand that some people don't need all these things but most will want them.the fact is if you don't care about HD movies its probly because you don't have an HD TV 1080i or 1080p which in that case your really not getting alot of the potential of either system.In the end this will probly help reduce cost on the 60Gb modle of the PS3 even more 1production line Vs.having 2