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staticneuron said:
DKII said:

The 20 GB still exists in Japan probably because Sony needs to maintain the idea of having the lower price point, since the 360 is a non-factor there. In NA/EU, 360 acts almost like a price bridge from Wii to PS3, but in Japan it's a direct comparison since you pretty much see only Wii or PS3.


If the 360 is a non-factor there.... how does that logic make sense? There is still a very large jump between the Wii and the PS3.


Here, the PS3 isn't that much more than the 360, especially taking the HD-DVD drive into account. So just having the 60GB model doesn't look like such a bad deal.

Yet in Japan, with the 360 in a niche right now, the price difference between the Wii and PS3 is huge, especially since the Wii doesn't come with Wii Sports there, so it only costs as much as the GC (when it launched). So by having the 20GB around, and sold at less than it is here (about $450), the PS3 doesn't look so expensive.

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