I love how you quote me on bashing the Wii. Earlier on the SAME LINE. I am complaining about the Six Axis. Also I want you to know something. My 'Brick' Logitch controller for the PS2. Is so far, my all time favorite controller. (weight//balance) I have a new 'form factor' cell phone (similar to a Razor) I hate it. One big reason. IT IS TOO LIGHT. If I cant use it as a hammer to hammer in nails. I dont want it. (my old phone could seriously do that... without breaking... It finally ended up in my pocket, slammed a 50lb van door on the phone. Picked the phone out of my pocket, and the Maglite I had in my pocket with it was smooshed... there was a MASSIVE crack on the LCD, and the phone was kinda... warped. It worked for a week and died. Oh yeah, and this isnt sony fandom. But Sony's cell phones are the best there is. I got a Samsung. (I hate it) I will never buy a motorola. and I dont like Nokias. (motorola's are light/flimsey, and break easliy) My samsung feels like a motorola. I havent broke it yet tho. Nokia feels... cheap. My Sony Ericsson felt like I had a rounded slab of metal in my pocket. I had no fears of breaking it. I'd take the battery out, and let my 3 year old niece PLAY with it for hours. I never feared the phone breaking. (Untill I smashed it in a door) I miss my sony phone. Also, Sony Ericsson phones have the best 'speakerphone' out there. and the image quality on the camera is unbeleivable.

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