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I have 2 opinions on SPORE.

1. It will be the great amazing game they say it will be, and it will sell millions.

2. It will NOT be the great game they say it will, and it will SUCK. It will not likely pass 1million.

And the reason I have #2 on there is because of EA. EA tends to release games that feel lacking. A game like that should NOT. So as I say, it depends on what the game is. I'm a big fan of that theory of game, I've been waiting for one for years. (about 10) I beleive the game that was most like it was 'creatures' or something where you controll little gnome things, and breed them, and that kinda stuff.

My dream game is a game like SPORE where you only assist evolution. When a evolution 'step' comes, you can pick like one of 10 things to evolve. "speed" "strength" "smarts" "sizeup" "size down" and stuff like that. And you could only change it once per evolution. Other than that you just sit back, and act as god. "look at that preditor, I will use my powers to protect my creature." However if you dont let them evolve on their own as well, and survival of the fittest. (you would have to make sure the weak die, and not breed)

And *then* the game becomes like SPORE's RTS side. That would be amazing.

I'm more intrested in the evolution, than 'creating' a creature with 'x evolution points'

beak 30 points
legs 30 points
brains 100 points

I know, lets give it a massive mouth for 100 points.
-100 points for brain -30 points for beak +100 points for massive mouth, +30 points for retard brain.

That is not evolution, That is re-creating a creature. I love evolutionary games. If anyone knows of any java/flash/shockwave/mass market games that run any type of evolution complexes, please tell me! (send a PM)
Also, the simple bacterial AIs always amuse me, so if you know of them, send it to me as well. (Where you put a organism, and it multiplys, and as the food sources die out, the bacteria die out behind the living bacteria, and as the food returns behidn them, the bacteria spreads back to where it started. And normally ends up dying out sooner or later.

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