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shams said:
BenKenobi88 said:
Blasphemy! I think Spore will sell very well.

 I don't agree - but I might be completely wrong on this. It reminds me of Black & White (in terms of the principle of the game), and that did ok... but not great. Again, I might be wrong - just a hunch.

You've got to have faith in the ability of Will Wright which made city planning and management a hit with housewives. He designs his games around simple interfaces, which let the player "pick up and play," yet puts endless micro-managability into those simple interfaces, encouraging the player to discover the depth of their options at their own speed, without ever overwhelming them. I have little doubt Wright can make this the most limitlessly appealling "god-game" ever, simply because thats what he does, and its made him, as far as I know, the most successful PC game designer of all time.

And further, have faith in the EA marketing team, which doesn't seem to miss a beat with its TV campaigns.

BTW, I wonder what early sales predictions for the Sims looked like.

"[Our former customers] are unable to find software which they WANT to play."
"The way to solve this problem lies in how to communicate what kind of games [they CAN play]."

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President. Only slightly paraphrased.