I am 18. I have a PS1, PS2, PSP, X-Box and a Wii. I am totally disappointed with Microsoft and Sony... Microsoft made a console just same as a PC and Sony created a monster (PS2) which is outselling all other consoles. I have to admit that i was a real fanboy of Sony until they created the PSP... i found it to be great, i bought it and now it's just gathering dust... no new games... just PS2 ports/sequels. Sony has totally screwed it up with both the PSP and PS3. I am not gonna buy a console just to make Sony happy with their plans... creating sequels without offering something new that WORTHS! i mean Genji... "those battles actually took place in ancient Japan!"... "and here is the giant enemy crap!" HAHAHA! Sony at E3 were just ridiculous! Anyway i think the PS3 is shit but at least MUCH better than the X-Box360 in terms of gameplay and library... (X-Box360=Shooters).