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LordTheNightKnight said:
Honestly, we've seen plenty of news stories about the Wii's appeal. It is getting old.

yea, come on guys. lets give the sony and microsoft boys a break from our glory. instead lets get some more "how bad the ps3" is doing threads.

 o, and this is in response to dallas's post.  how are MS and sony going to make improvments? there games follow the same standards that the games for the last 3 gens have followed. wii is the one still "making improvments on its games."  sony and MS are trying to be too much like computers, and getting away from actual gaming. thats where there problems are. they each are releasing different versions of their systems (that are actually different, not like the DS-DS lite difference) and focusing too much on online stuff. (Not even so much online gaming)  i personally dont like gaming on consoles. my opinion is game on consoles, online stuff while on computers. (although id love to use the wii channels if i didnt have dialup, it wouldnt be my main online way to go) sony and MS need to get back to the roots of gaming, and quite worrying about different harddrives, DVD capability, HD, and all that shenanigans. lets get back to actuall gaming.

A delayed game is good someday, a bad game is bad forever.