Yes it does, but it's not marketed as a media player and UMD, which is/has failed miserably is for both. movies and games. Is the PS3 has the emulator working now, price drop? Don't see one yet. The Sixaxis? Why can't I bash it? It is a rip off and YOU know it. You can tell by the E3 demo where it looked like it was thrown together in a couple weeks and performed rather poorly. I won't be surprised if the 360 comes out with an official version, probably called, wait for it.... 360o (degrees) :P And I don't know how Sony could have used it as an add-on. There's bound to ways since the DS can integrate with the Wii. If they have the emulator working now, that's great, forget my idea, but it would have cut them costs from the get go from using the hardware.