rendo said: Wow, long time reader, first time poster now. :D After reading some of the people's ages, I really feel like a spoiled kid now, and all this time I thought my parents didn't love me. I started playing video games when I was about 4. I'm currently 21, I live in Ontario Canada, I'm married and I have 2.5 children (Third is due in early July). I've had a NES, SNES, GB, GBA, N64, PS2, GC, WII, DS. I started on the classics with the NES, I can still remember some of the games, like SMB3, my favourite game for the NES, I must have beaten it about 10 times before I was 6. Nintendo was always in my house until the N64. After that I was growing older and I needed more mature games and the GC didn't really offer the best choices. I only picked up a GC for the family/fun games like Harvest Moon and ToS (GREAT RPG, if you don't have a GC, buy one, if you have a Wii, pick the game up IT'S EFFING GREAT) I love the Wii. I think it will do very well this generation. It has had a huge success, continues to sell out, and it is a good way for those fat kids (Myself included :( ) to get a little workout. It seems more and more 3rd party devs are being lured over to the Wii, hell MANHUNT2 is being created for the Wii now, however it's also for the PSP and PS2 which may fuel some of the cross platform generation debate. However, MANHUNT is geared towards a more adult audience and if Nintendo can get more games like that, I see a troubling future for the PS3 and 360. I was VERY PRO Sony for the longest time, since early 2001. I was all for the PS3. I thought the PSP was going to be the GOD of handhelds. However, Sony seems to have this attitude and arrogance that is unmatched in the console market. I thought the DS was a piece of crap. I thought it was just gimmicky and that the PSP with it's "raw" power would offer a better game experience. Than comes the proprietary formats, UMD. That made me sick. Then came the "media" powerhouse. It's a damn gaming machine, not a music/video player.... *shakesfist* So I come into some money and I have about $400. It's either I get a PSP for just me, or I can get 2 DS', one for myself and one for my wife. I made the best choice and I've been in love with the DS since. I buy a game about once or twice a month, just picked up Yoshi's Island, it's fun :D. Now, I'm still liking the PS3 at this time. Then I hear things from Sony like, Consumers will pay anything we price the PS3 at. Umm? Are you an idiot? No, I won't. Then there's mandatory blu-ray that increases the price even further. Then there's Sony's "rip-off" version of the Wii-mote. Come on? Do you really think consumers are that stupid? How often is Sixaxis utilized in games? How often is the wii-mote used in games? Needless to say, I started to turn on Sony, like many others have. High price, arrogance, inability to work off TWO successes? What the hell is wrong with them? I had an idea that would have helped Sony very well. Instead of building the PS3 with PS2 components inside for 100% guaranteed backwards compatibility (And that still wasn't the case until recently) they should have made the PS3 a PS2 add-on. Why? The people that buy the PS3, 95% of the time already have a PS2. If they don't, they have to buy the PS2, aka profit. The add-on would then support the backwards compatibility, it would be cheaper to produce and save the company money and Sony wouldn't need to charge a ridiculous price for their console, have maintained better market share, and not made a complete fool of themselves. Granted I think Sony will do alright in the next 3 years, but it will be awhile before they start to draw their loyal base back. I for one don't intend to, but I know others will. Kind of offtopic about my age and system choice, but I've been dying to say it here for awhile now. :P
First off. Let's list everything I've had. Atari, NES, SNES, Sega, N64, PS2, GC, X-box, Wii, PS3. (in that order) GB, GB, GB, GBA SP, DS, DS. (not lite) First. There is a PS2 in my PS3. Yes. Does the PS3 use it? no. Why not? becuase they got their emulator working. It dosent need the PS2 in there any more. so they pull that out, and save them 50$. So a PS3 has only PS3 hardware in it now. (if yours is a older model... like mine. you have an extra chip on the motherboard.) Second you dont have a PS3. Dont bash the controller on how it's used. Six Axis is used in... 4 or 5 games that I know of. Third. Sony knows better than to force you to use the six axis as steering for a game. However it IS a option. Fourth. Please explain to me how you would make the PS3 an addon to the PS2. My first statement debunks the reason for this... but I just want to know what you had in mind. *sits his PS3 on his original Day1 PS2 that still works and ties a string around the HDMI cable on the PS3 to the video cable on the PS2. YAY! I have a PS3 as a PS2 addon. And speaking of addons. Look at the Wii. you could add a box similar to the GameCube into the front of the gamecube, and have the Wii/hardware in it, and connect it though the controller ports. and the have a 'Wii' gamedisc, in the GameCube to run the software Cube side. EDIT: Fifth. Speaking of formats. The GameCube has a nice one.

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