I like him. Not quite as much as during the elections, after which I realized the whole "just say hope and people will project their image of an ideal president onto you" trick, but he's still by far my favorite living non-European statesman. American politics always sound somehow alien to me, but he sounds like he's just an ocean away, rather than from a totally different planet like the republicans.

To be honest, a lot of the opposition against him sounds pretty silly to someone from Northern Europe. Most of the policies that he's enacting and some claim will inevitably result in economic ruin or some sort of bizarre communism-fascism are just baby steps in our direction, and we've been topping all the charts worth topping as for the past few decades. Ok, that's pretty simplistic, but my point is how rabid fear-mongering over clearly benevolent actions is never going to lead to anything. Acknowledging that the other guy isn't trying to destroy your way of life, even though you think he's wrong is, in my oppinion, one of the most important things in politics.