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d21lewis said:
reask said:
d21lewis said:
I don't chase achievements like many people, but damn it if I don't buy 360 multi-plats over PS3 mulit-plats simply for the extra Gamerscore boost. If PS3 games had Trophies from the start, it'd be a different story.

Why is that d2 I mean I was reading a story today about singstar trophies been delayed.



It's some kind of subconscious brain washing, I guess.  For a while, it felt strange playing Wii games because nobody knew I was playing them (no online friends list).  Then, it felt strange playing PS3 games because there wasn't a reward (aside from playing the game) for playing the game.  I'd tell myself ,"if I was paying this on the 360, I'd probably have gotten 500 Achievement points for that", or something.  When the PS3 finally started getting trophies, I'd tell myself "Trophies don't matter because I've played a ton of games already, and I didn't get any credit for them."  As a result, I play Nintendo and Sony games for fun.  If it's available for the PS3 and 360, I always buy the 360 version.  That way, I play for fun AND I keep my lead on Elgefe02's Gamerscore.  He doesn't even know that I'm ALWAYS competing with him.






LOL at bolded.

On topic It just seems to be that little sign that comes up saying achievement unlocked that gives you the buzz.

Then you look at other gamers scores and you realise (in my case) that your score is pathetic.

I mean after 2and a half years my gamer score is crap to say the least.

Mind you dont get me wrong I would not lose any sleep over it but I hope I do not get into this competing thing.