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Assuming the Wii wins, this generation, what do you think will Nintendo do with the Wiimote for Biiggii Wii? While w'ere at it, what do you think will Microsoft's and Sony's Wiimote gonna be?


I'm hoping for two versions of Nintendo's Wiimotes for Biigii Wii, personally. I can see them making a more streamlined, ergonomic and curvier version of the current Wiimote, and a second but similar curvy, streamlined, ergonomic design with an analog stick instead of the A button on top. Both will not be tethered by wires. The analog stick Wiimote will function as the current nunchuck but with pointer functionality. I could also see them further refining the effinciency to boot, pretty much only needing one AAA battery each.


As for Microsoft and Sony's waggle wands, I could see the former doing a sixaxis like controller but wouldnt be surprised if they outright copy Nintendo and go all out. But I expect them to stay true to tradtional controlers more than anyone else since they focus on the hardcores more.

Sony will most certainly copy Nintendo and I could see them coming out with a similar wand-like interface.