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HappySqurriel said:
Kwaad said:

I just wanna say something really fast.

I love how almost every game mag/site talks about how HORRIBLE the PS3 is, and how it's gonna fail, yet for some reason, they review every Wii game that comes out... And about half score under a 6.

At least the games on the PS3 score 7 and up almost always. It just amazes me. People love the Wii. Magazines tend to talk about how GREAT the Wii is. And yet, almost EVERY review... Says it sucks. EGM gave Paper mario a 8, 8, and 9.

Some amazing numbers for one of the nintendo big 5 coming in 2007.

I hate to say it, but EGM tend to give the Wii better scores than I would. Yet I've noticed, the scores on Wii games are going down. Not up. Kinda amuses me.

But back on topic.

Let's hate sony because they are offering HOME for free. Free stuff is BAD, horrible. At least nintendo will start charging for the web-brower in the near future! A Free one is BAD. Especially if it's on sony. I hate sony too.   (that is a foot in mouth)

Do you read the reviews?

Look at some of the games (Godfather and Prince of Persia) and you can summarize the review as

"The game looks better than the PS2/XBox/Gamecube version and is a lot more fun to play than the PS2/XBox/Gamecube version and (even though we gave the PS2/XBox/Gamecube version  an 8/9) we're giving this game a 7 because it doesn't have much new content."

If you look at the average user score on Gamerankings you will see that the average user thinks that these games are far better than the reviewers do; likely because if you didn't pick up Godfather for the PS2 it is still a very good game for the Wii.

IGN in particular is getting complaints because they are really hitting Wii games hard as part of an editorial decision.  If the game doesn't have 16:9 and 480p it loses points regardless if its good for example.  They also mentioned a while back that they would purposely lower the score of early Wii games to allow later games to get higher scores for better graphics/gameplay.  With the Gamecube they gave too many early games like Star Fox Adventures a 9.0 and Super Smash Bros. a 9.6 it didn't leave much room for improvement for later games.  This is all the more problematic since IGN-Sony hands out high scores like candy.  That causes anyone just trolling their review scores without reading them or knowing how the scores are derived to think Wii games suck while PS3 games are cool.

I'm not sure about other sites but I would say the problem is that most games are purchased by non-hardcore gamers (most especially for the Wii) yet they are reviewed by hard core gamers.  Gamespot gave Excite Truck a 6.8.  To anyone who mainly plays Gran Turismo, NASCAR, Tokyo whatever it is, that may seem right.  I never could get into ultra realistic hard core racing games and I think Excite Truck is awesome.  So does everyone I know who's played it, both my brothers (one who hasn't play video games until now), my gf and my brother's gf, and my cousins' little kids.  Excite truck has sold reasonably well (around 400k I think) and is much better than a 6.8 game to most people.  That's why it's important to read reviews, when they start saying the reason they dropped the score is because the game wasn't complex or hard enough for them or that the graphics and sound weren't mind blowing that's a sign that the larger casual gamer market would like the game.