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Jake T Musk said:
Narfer said:
im very balanced. im pro at everything but range between 1200 and 1500 for all of them. but im very good at all of them. my best 9 holes at golf is 7 under. i beat the champ at boxing (plus all my friends GOD THATS FUN) and beat my friend at tennis despite the fact that he has over 2500 points. (its pretty much the only one he plays).

 YOu very good. I respect.

yea, i dont have any life at all. video games, school, video games, work (fast food) video games, 15-20 posts on here, video games, then sleep 4-6 hours in bacholor pad basement. thats my every day. kind of depressing, good thing i dont care!

A delayed game is good someday, a bad game is bad forever.