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Jake T Musk said:
Narfer said:
they cant even keep DS's in stock. go ahead and check, they are suprising hard to find despite selling 40 mil and have been out for awhile. but im sure both DS's and Wii's are just a dumb fad. (right sony boys? hehe )

 DS fad for children. Wii new hot grownup tool. I practice my martial arts in it.


umm, im not sure whether you just made a joke that took a shot at both DS's and wiis, or just a genaric joke, but either way im gonna argue it.

i have a DS, alot of older people do. its alot fun. consoles (in my opinion) are for dumb fun and more serious fun (which is actually less fun than dumb fun, but stimulates the brain more (see EGM latest mag)) and handhelds are for dumb fun and more simple fun. tell that to sony. there handhelds only games are ps2 ports, and no one has any interest in getting a poorly done port for a system that cant handle it without serious lag and loading times, when they can just get it for a console. and no one wants to pay 600 bucks for a console that has 1 GOOD serious fun game, and is too "professional" for dumb fun games.

 the wii is cheap and fun!    (see G4 commercial "PS3 vs Wii")

A delayed game is good someday, a bad game is bad forever.