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I just wanna say something really fast.

I love how almost every game mag/site talks about how HORRIBLE the PS3 is, and how it's gonna fail, yet for some reason, they review every Wii game that comes out... And about half score under a 6.

At least the games on the PS3 score 7 and up almost always. It just amazes me. People love the Wii. Magazines tend to talk about how GREAT the Wii is. And yet, almost EVERY review... Says it sucks. EGM gave Paper mario a 8, 8, and 9.

Some amazing numbers for one of the nintendo big 5 coming in 2007.

I hate to say it, but EGM tend to give the Wii better scores than I would. Yet I've noticed, the scores on Wii games are going down. Not up. Kinda amuses me.

But back on topic.

Let's hate sony because they are offering HOME for free. Free stuff is BAD, horrible. At least nintendo will start charging for the web-brower in the near future! A Free one is BAD. Especially if it's on sony. I hate sony too.   (that is a foot in mouth)

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