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20 years plus of Sony dominance??? What are you smoking?  Your Sony 'owning" doesn't really amount to too much profit for Sony.  Nintendo's profit throughout the entire video game business is far greater than Sony could ever dream of.


Profit is a different subject all together and has lilttle to do with the OP's thread.  But really what that should tell you is Sony expands and pushes the consoles where Nintendo just updates thier existing console.  It is easy to make profit when you have very little R&D costs.  For example, you have the GB, GBcolor, GBA,. Ds, Dsi ect....  These are not new products, just slightly updated.  Same goes for the Wii.  Aside from the controls the Wii is an updated Game Cube.  In contrast the Playstation has drasticly improved the performance of thier consoles, not only in formats, but processing power as well.

I guess trillions of dollars in profit is not much.  Yes, Nintendo has made more profit, but thats because they charge $250 for a $100 pc. of hardware and $30 controller.


Tell me this is a joke post.


Nintendo don't update their consoles?

Maybe you weren't around for the NES and SNES and N64 and GC and Wii. So the PS1 to PS2 was a bigger leap than N64 to GC???

Low R+D costs?????  WTF!!

I didn't say no R&D.  I said little R&D compared to thier competition.  They take very little risks.



yes b/c using the sma formula with a pretty new bow is taking huge risks....right


How is changing formats and processors on every console using the same formula.  Releasing a console that is only 1.5x's more powerful than the previous one is taking a very small risk.  If it failed Ninty is not out all that much.  Risk is selling a $800 pc of hardware for $600, not selling a "new" console that made profit from day one.  Compared to M$ and Sony, Nintendo has taken no risk.

That's a stupid business decision to start with. You can't call it risk.

I found the statement funny cause apparently you and I have a very different view on what risk is.



MikeB predicts that the PS3 will sell about 140 million units by the end of 2016 and triple the amount of 360s in the long run.