mesoteto said:

@zones--joke post right

crash did not and in fact if you held up a pic of him next to a pic of Mario (who is nintendo for the world) guess who would be better known?

and the only reason i pick those two is b/c they seem to be the most talked about and are the bigger names right now

i guess i could use some orange eyed solider for one but ehh---unless you go into game shops and such you wont be able to rec him

and i cant really use Solid Snake b/c he got his start on a nintendo machine

It appears that you have only read the last line of my post, because I see no mention of the first part, but whatever...

And yes, I believe you're right, Mario would be more known in that example of yours, but guess why? More than half of Nintendo's first party games had a "Mario" slapped on, while there were only 4 Crash games on the whole 5th generation of gaming. And the fact that Mario name have been milked for +10 previous years at that time.

But if you compare all 4 Crash Bandicoot games (PSX) to any 4 Mario games (on N64), you would see which would have a higher number. Crash Bandicoot was just about to destroy Mario as the best known mascot, but thank God Sony dropped the name, because regardless of how much I loved the Crash Bandicoot series, I didn't want to live with only a few characters in every game.