Hey guys.  I’m new to the site, just registered a couple minutes ago.  Well, I just wanted to say something about the PlayStation 3.  Now I know sites like these are gonna have flaming fanboys and trollers, but I need to get my opinion out and I would appreciate you’re comments on it.

                Well, I am in no means a fanboy of Sony at all.  I like all three systems and feel all three are just fine.  The Wii is a revolution, I truly believe that.  The Xbox 360 is the perfect online gaming machine, and without a doubt SOOOOO much better than the original Xbox.  And the PS3 is an extremely nice piece of hardware that is not only future proof but delivers great games and the future of console gaming in terms of features and hardware.

                I grew up a Nintendo fanboy and remember the days of attacking anyone who had an Xbox or PS2, but as I grew older I eventually got a little bit more mature and started to see why all consoles are good in their own ways.  I wanted to start a new era in gaming, so in Xmas 2004 I got an Xbox.  I wanted to commit myself to the Xbox brand name, and in Xmas 2007 I got an Xbox 360.  But times have changed for me yet again.  I like all three systems that are currently out.  I play on my sister’s Wii every now and then and I love playing Fallout 3 on my 360.  But later this year Imma go out and buy a PS3 so I can enjoy some of their exclusives and get a Blu-Ray player early to be ready in the future when the format really takes off.

                Saying all of this, well let me get to my point.  I think that the PS3 is doing fine.  21 Million Units in 2 years are nothing to be ashamed of.  First of all Xbox 360 sold 17 Million Units in their first 2 years, and they came out a year earlier, AND started at $399, not $499-$599. Tell me, when Sega Saturn launched at $399, did they sell respectively?  NO!  That system was an embarrassment for Sega and the probable true cause of their hardware collapse.  But PlayStation 3 launches at $599 and yet it sells well at launch and by its first year, sells 6-7 Million Units.  Then it drops its price to $399 and starts a small comeback, and now in 2 years, and a low end 360 available at $199 its sold 21 Million consoles to Xbox 360’s 29 Million.  Plus, Microsoft’s console came out a year earlier at $399!  PS3 was $599-$499 for a whole year with XB360 at $399-$299!

                The PlayStation brand name is much stronger than you think.  If Xbox launched at $599, would it be selling like this?  If Sega Saturn was a flop at $399, and Sony has gotten away with a $599 launch price, tell me, how is that not a strong brand name.

                Still, not all gamers are comfortable with a $599-$499 price, so the $399 price drop in Fall 2007 was crucial.

                I go to my local stores a lot and see many people STILL picking up PS2 games, and guess what, they check out the PS3 section and once they see the price, they have to re-evaluate the decision.  I have many friends who grew up as Sony junkies, but picked up 360 cuz of PS3’s price, BUT once the system reaches $299, they’re planning on picking it up!

                The PS3 is only where its at cuz of price, the PS2 crowd is ready to enter this gen now and Sony is not stupid, they wanna win this war (at least with Microsoft, Nintendo is the OBVIOUS winner this gen).  Sony has a loyal following, but they’re not as vocal as Nintendo and Microsoft’s following so they don’t show that much.  The PlayStation is the first thing that comes to people now when they think video games. 

Now, the PS brand has taken a hit.  Krazy Ken’s arrogance helped with PS1 and PS2, but not PS3.  Luckily, Kaz Hirai is a much smarter man in terms of marketing than Kutugari (but he is the father of PlayStation, so there must be some genius there).  It was Kaz who made the PS3 at $399 and he was the one who stopped calling it a Computer.

                While they may have lost this gen in the HD Console front, they are fine.  Xbox 1 was considered successful and it only sold 24 Million system in 4-5 years. And this all at $299-$199-$149!  The PS3 is a couple million away from that mark in 2 years at $599-$499-$399!  So, even if you personally don’t like PS3, doesn’t mean the PS Brand should be trashed.  It’s a brand name like Apple and Nike and its not going away soon, and trust me, I used to hate PlayStation, they needed this to steer away from the cockiness and arrogance that swelled up after PS2, but the PlayStation brand name has only taken a hit, now they need to brush off the dirt and get back up.

                You could trash this opinion all you want, but facts and my personal experiences won’t change.  The Xbox brand name is getting better, yes, BUT the PlayStation brand name is the Nike of the video game industry and that is why the PS3 is doing JUST FINE.  Hey people we still have 3 ½ - 4 years left of this gen.  PS3 is fine.