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1337 Gamer said:
first off Pachter is an IDIOT who couldnt give factual information if it ran out naked in front of him. But second of all To make a good wii game all you have to do is make a bunch of mini games. The Blu ocean seems to swallow it up and beg for more so from a sales perspective that seems to be the smartest thing to do

You make sound as if mini-games is not a good thing.  Look at it from the perspective of a buyer.  They get an arcadish feel of playing 10-20 games in one to rack up high scores that is addictive over time and for cheaper than most games.  No reason to say they are less of a buyer than someone who buys and RPG.  Different strokes for different folks.  But most early gamers do start with something like that as gaming was about the addictiveness of something familiar rather than escapades on a far away adventure in a fantasy universe/