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@ WEWdeadeye , same here , might have something to do with that i live in Finland :p

@jman8 , well you have it all there in Fia link celine posted, most vital was the e-mail exchange between Alonso and Petro, example they knew in one race when Kimi was gonna stop so...

Also jman8 there wont be pulling outs before Bernie stops manouvering this whole "circus" like it is called :p

@Hus, so you are saying that Kimi and at some point Massa can't drive as good ?

@kirby007 Schumi was aa great driver, but without impressive car that was built around him, not Felippe he wouldn't be that great

@Hus and kirby007 , i remember many times Mika Häkkinen (Haekkinen like it is spelled some other countries), challenging Schumi with inferior car and winning, it was season 2000, if i remember correctly

@KillerMan , heh agreed, he wasn't "gentleman" on the track like some ones like say

@Hus, yep like i said car was built around Schumi and Felippe's job was to slow down other's or do something like that :(

This does say all the there is to say about this topic anymore:

"Emails between Coughlan, de la Rosa and Alonso formed part of the new evidence that prompted Thursday’s second hearing into the affair... The emails covered topics such as the weight distribution and braking system of Ferrari’s car, a flexible rear wing design and a gas used by the Italian team to inflate its tyres. They also suggested that Stepney had fed Coughlan real-time information on Ferrari’s pit stop strategy in this year’s Australian Grand Prix.

The findings contradict previous claims from McLaren that the Ferrari data had not spread beyond suspended chief designer Mike Coughlan, who allegedly received it from former Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney."

Nothing's cheaper than something free.

F1 vs FOTA, when too much power is in couple peoples hands.