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WEWdeadeye said:
I am a huge fan of Raikkonen and McLaren, it was great when they were together, still a fan of him at Ferrari. This whole season I have been wondering how McLaren cars ALL OF A SUDDEN became the most reliable in F1 after being one of the least reliable, which in turn has cost Raikkonen his chance of a driver's title these last two years!!! Interesting, I dont see how they could have just pulled off a complete 180 in one season, and if they find that the cars do happen to carry technology taken from another company illegally, then I dont see how it is fair to the other drivers for Alonso and Hamilton to keep all their points, but oh well. I really like Hamilton too btw, but I hate Alonso wih ALL MY PASSION!!!

 They had several developments, so its not as if it was within a few days, and I think its also due to ferraris reliability suffering, I mean last year Schumi went out with a blown engine, for like the first time in 4 years, so I definately think it is the combination of the 2. And like jman8, it isn't that unusual. I certainly remember BAR being within the points virtually very race.

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