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kirby007 said:
Hus said:
kirby007 said:

schumi plz respect the man he is/was the king

King of chumps maybe. Any time he was challenged by another great driver in a great car he got his ass beat. Shumi would be nothing without Fia/Ferrari cheeting.


Senna is and for a long time will be the greatest ever!!!

... only because he died on the circuit ...

With a bad car you cant win in the f1

 No, its becasue he out drove the competition Shumi just had the better car and Fia favoritism.

 a boring snorefest of a robot, what other drive had it written into his contract that hes #1 and the teammate had to do everythign to help him win.

 Having Rubbens slow down and let Shumni the chump pass him = most embarrassing F1 moment.