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jman8 said:
kirby007 said:
i find it hard too believe that a crappy car -> turns into a good one in one year. (ooo and the secrets from the best team are just laying around doing nothing..... ) but it is no connection at al...... nope

 Happens all the time in F1. 2004 saw the rise of the BAR Honda, 2005 saw a massive resurgence by McLaren, and 2007 again saw a big step forward for the silver arrow. There is no connection at all because your "evidence" is simply circumstantial. How bout bring some true mechanical evidence to the table like the fact that Mclaren decided to use a short wheel base for their car like most other teams, EXCEPT Ferrari. Ferrari is just about the only team to go with the longer wheel base, which significantly changes the vehicle dynamics. The FIA is trash, and F1 is completely out of touch with the fans. All the manufacturers need to pull out like they threatened to do so years ago. 

2004-> bar was not running worldchamp, 2005 -> i think u mean renault?

 edit : forget it i read the rest of ure post and al i see is nonsense.

 "I think people should define the word crap" - Kirby007

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