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WEWdeadeye said:
I am a huge fan of Raikkonen and McLaren, it was great when they were together, still a fan of him at Ferrari. This whole season I have been wondering how McLaren cars ALL OF A SUDDEN became the most reliable in F1 after being one of the least reliable, which in turn has cost Raikkonen his chance of a driver's title these last two years!!! Interesting, I dont see how they could have just pulled off a complete 180 in one season, and if they find that the cars do happen to carry technology taken from another company illegally, then I dont see how it is fair to the other drivers for Alonso and Hamilton to keep all their points, but oh well. I really like Hamilton too btw, but I hate Alonso wih ALL MY PASSION!!!

 Um, it sounds like you were definitely watching the 2005 season, but did you watch last year? Cuz the McLaren was rather reliable then, albeit not very fast. Again, this just circumstantial misinformation

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