I own a 360 too.. Not that it really has anything to do with it all. From my opinion, it comes off that he's biased against the PS3. You can fight it all you want, but it's what I see and I won't accept yours or anyone else explanation on it. The main reason why I say that and why others view it as being biased is because it's nothing but negativity and little constructive criticism. If the critcism was constructive and not bashing of Sony, then I wouldn't have that viewpoint of him. It could be that many out there who see it differently are those who are biased towards another system or company.

Gelmer, comparing UMD as the next DVD is just silly. It is and was a format that was used for the PSP primarily for games, but they saw a niche market that would buy movies on UMD to play in the PSP. I don't consider the device a failure, I just consider the strategy they used as a failure. The focus on UMD movies should have been small. Heck, it would have been great if they created a drive that consumers could use to copy movies they own onto a UMD and use when traveling to watch movies. Make it a re-writeable drive as well so they can just copy over movies they copied before. But, I guess that with the costs on the memory sticks dropping fast and getting alot for a small price people now have a tool they can do that with now and it's fairly inexpensive.


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My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard. And they're like, "You wanna trade cards?" Damn right, I wanna trade cards. I'll trade this, but not my charizard.