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Wii - 200 million

which is low. at this same time it's life cycle the PS2 was at 26-7 million and the Wii is at 46 million. PS2 is at about 150..or will probably end Wii with nearly twice the sales...300 million?

PS3 - 65 million

is tracking 6-7 million consoles less than the PS2 was, but 3-4 million better than XBOX360...

Xbox360 - 50 million

Xbox 1 is tracked slightly lower than 360, but was discontinued in it's 4th year..this is the 360's 4th, a shift could move to the next gen in the next year or two..Idk..tracking below PS3 at the same time..but an early launch of it's next gen console could sink the PS3 with it and make Sony force there hand.