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MrMeToo said:
oh my bad I don't really pay attention to my spelling lol
I may be coming of like a fanboy and I really am not ...I actually liked forza

but to me and to at least 14 million others who have bought the game since 2001 it has always been the best driving simulation game.... but you are right it is an opinion lol


No worries. ^_^ After responding to your post I went through your post history and figured you weren't a fanboy. Didn't mean to sound so harsh in my last post. I can't speak on behalf of the GT series as I've fully played through one. Last gen I only had an Xbox and played Forza 1 and PGRs 1 & 2. This gen I have all 3 systems and wanted to go back into the PS2's amazing library and experience the cream of the crop (woohoo 60 GB PS3!!). I still haven't had a chance to do that besides a few select titles (GOW1,2 and SoTC - excellent games) because this gens titles have kept me busy enough.

Now that I've been following this post for a while you've all got me excited and thinking of new games that I want announced even though I didn't want to get hyped up before. lol

Here are some I'd love:

RARE: Something to do with Conker. The Conker last gen won many graphics awards when announced. I'm thinking MS will try to get into the "graphics ring" again with a serious contender from Rare. They might not necessarily try to go leaps and bounds beyond what's out there, but I definitely think they'll be working on something that is beyond what a lot of people think the console is capable of (a la Gears 2).

Lionhead: Something new I hope. I know Peter Molyneux said that LH studios is working on something totally unlike anything ever before seen in a video game but - let's be honest - this is Peter Molyneux talking. He's ambitious and highly creative but his aspirations are always cut short on the technical side of things. Still, all their games just have a vibe about them that make them great. I just can't pinpoint what it is.

Turn 10: I really hope they just stick to Forza 3 making it the best possible experience they can. As much as I liked PGR 3 and 4 (besides the bikes in 4) I don't think Turn 10 can pull off an arcade-sim blend like Bizarre did - they're extremely talented but they seem very sim minded. I read in an interview that the graphics of Forza 2 were how they were because the team didn't know how much headroom they had with the 360's CPU and GPU so they limited the graphics engine to make sure they got all of the physics in and running perfectly. I wonder how far they can go.

EPIC: I don't see them making an exclusive for Microsoft until Gears 3 unless MS pays them fairly heavily to. If they aren't working on Gears 3 then they're either updating the engine or working on something multiplat with some type of timed exclusive that could go either way. I'd actually like them to be working on something exclusive to the PC and actually delivering something great. I miss Epic games on the PC.

Bungie: As the OP said, ODST and multiplayer map packs. I hope Bungie's next game isn't a Halo for their sake. Could you imagine working on the same sort of thing for 10 years straight? They are one of the great developers right now but get a lot of flac for being a "one trick pony". Come on Bungie, blow us away. As for Peter Jackson's project, I'm thinking this won't be given to Bungie to develop. There have been rumours about Gearbox developing a Halo game or something related to Halo. Perhaps they're working with Mr. Jackson?

Rockstar: I'm sure Rockstar will announce and release the second DLC shortly (hopefully during Holiday 09). It wouldn't make sense for them to wait another year to get that thing out the door as people are losing interest (or have lost interest long ago) in GTA IV and it would only hurt them from a business perspective.

Silicon Knights: They recently got some new management and with the tech they built up (multiple times) for the first game, I'm hoping they get the second game in the works and to be released by 2011. They might announce something this year. If not, my guess is the next game will be called something like "Too Human 2:017". -_-;;