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nordlead said:
Tispower said:
selnor said:
well 800 mb demos take bout 6 mins for me. 8mb broadband

Highest speend broadband in this area is only 2mb! :O

I feel bad for you

The highest in my area is 50Mb/s, but you have to be seriously rich for that. I personally have 20Mb/s for $30/month (before any taxes) but that was a special promotion. Come next year i'll be downgrading to 10Mb/s for the same price (unless they run another promotion). You can't really go any cheaper for broadband in my area unless you want like <1Mb/s

 lucky you. thoigh isn't there a difference in 2mb, and 2Mb, cos I can't remember whether that it 2Mb or 2mb. Though atm our internet connection is slowerthan that! However, it is totally free lol

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