zexen_lowe said:
Stats87 said:

As for the story getting a "68%", it's Level 5, what did we expect really?

I was never expecting a mindblowing story, I know it's not L5's strength, but with a statement like this:

"Things just trudge along mindlessly in a story that makes Rogue Galaxy look like Xenogears."

That's bad



hahahahaah, yeah, that is a dandy of a line.

But I have a hard time imagining something worse then Rogue Galaxy to that degree. I'm playing through RG again right now currently and the game is a series of almost entirely unrelated events. The funny thing is that the character's are pretty likeable and room for development....but nope.

What does that mean for WKC?

"Let's do it!"

"You Shall Fail"

"No we won't"