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chuckd said:
This thread brings up the major issue with downloadable content that drives me crazy. Compression sucks. The bandwidth required to download uncompressed files is not readily available. Until the next big revolution in internet connectivity occurs, hi-definition downloadable movies are only for people with great connections or those people who don't mind compressed a/v.

However, when the bandwidth is there, the movie and tv industry is in for a major shake up similar to the music industry. (MP3s also drive me crazy. Paying full price for a compressed song blows.)

Good logic you have there... DVD's & HD/BR-DVD's movies are all compressed. Hell even vhs uses a form of compression in the form of frames per second limitations. Remember SP, EP and all those cool settings? If you can tell the difference between a compressed HD-DVD and uncompressed movie or even a uncompressed audio file vs a 192k-256k mp3 I would be very impressed and you would be 1 in... a billion. Leaving data uncompressed is archaic and we moved away from it for a reason. Sony always makes me laugh with their retarded "uncompressed data makes for higher framerates" excuse. Talk about having no idea about what their own technology can do (limitation hasnt been the cpu in decades. The limitation is the how fast the data gets to the cpu via the br-drive in this case thus uncompressed data takes a lot longer to feed than compressed data).

What I hate about downloadable stuff is the fact that I like having hard copies like others have mentioned especially if I have to pay for the content. I think the next evolution will be downloadable content and a media type that is much smaller than disks but with similar quality. My vote goes to memory cards once they are cheap enough. HD & BR are going no where.